Two weeks into what is meant to be “our new life”

Post Date / 6 Mar 2018

Despite my hardest efforts, I must say that leaving my Dubai home was one of the most painful experiences, mainly for my family. Not because of having seconds thoughts, but rather because they had to deal with me!

Putting aside my child tantrums, endless crying, packing, and unpacking (because I suddenly changed my mind), and telling my husband over and over again that this all his fault. My bad temper peeked at touch down when I just walked past my sisters welcoming arms and straight into Starbucks because I needed my dose of proper and not airplane coffee.

I’m a Dubaian! What was I doing in Canada, I mean I love my kids, but I loved them more when I had a nanny helping us with all the house chores and toy cleaning up. I’m an active person, but constantly running after my kids is not my preferred activity of choice. For anyone who knows me, I don’t like pants, I really don’t, and I ended buying training suits! Because those are the only wardrobe items deemed suitable for the marathon my children have me racing all day – gym? Who needs that?! It is also an all in one outfit solution for when I drop dead as I put my angels to sleep.

And while visiting and exploring new countries is a passion of mine, especially at winter time, given we don’t have that in the UAE; the constant cold here has dried up parts of me that I never knew could get this dry or sore, my under eyes were awkwardly chapped for the first week! And do not get me started on the snake-like feeling of my peeling skin. On a positive note, I won’t have to consider costly peeling treatments anytime soon.

Needless to say, there are so many reasons I gave myself on why I shouldn’t be happy here, and in essence, I don’t have to be here if I choose not to, but as we cross the two weeks mark I realized, I want to be here. I have never felt so welcomed – not even in my own country – as I do here, I never woke up to such beauty, serenity and peace of mind. The positive energy radiating through Canada is contagious. But most importantly, I’ve never seen my kids so happy, and I’m grateful.

Thank you Canada, for extending your arms as wide as you did for us.