Because She Danced

Post Date / 16 Apr 2018

Because she danced, the words were sung louder, echoing the sound of the windblown as she sways and the soft laughter of her dress. When she danced, her world got better, even if it were for the friction of a second. Time froze, but she didn’t!

But when she danced, she called in attention, exposing herself to a hail of judgments, compliments, and pride, the latter being mainly her own.

Her pride, the unlikely consequence of a pondered over lifetime burnt striving to prove herself worthy of love, any form of it. Countless mental recounts of what should’ve been friendly conversations to reassure propriety to herself, going over and beyond to draw in acceptance. The self-imagined cruel perception of people weighing down her not so broad shoulders.

Similar to her, how many of us live out of fear of judgment? The unnecessary worry of not being liked for who we really are, and not the image we meticulously draw of ourselves with sometimes such theatrical, artistic strokes?

Why has acceptance become such a rare ballad that we feel the constant need to carefully tiptoe around the dance floor that is life, wearing our chosen invisible character masks to please the taste of whoever happens to be in our company?

And what happens if one at a time we start breaking free from this robotic dance that has us molded into whatever is considered likable based on the culture, community, religion or even job title that we associate with?

On the other side of these fears stands the best things in life! And so when she danced she tossed all her fears and insecurities aside, she liberated herself from noisy judgments, she rebalanced her confidence, she stood tall and stopped apologizing for who she was, she demanded her presence and this she got.

So lets all dance – and if your voices are better than mine, feel free to also sing!